The prominence-i is an all-in-one LC system that can be operated intuitively regardless of the level of the operator’s experience. This feature of course builds upon its reliable and stable core features. Information such as the real-time display if the chromatogram for the ongoing analysis of the current status of the instrument can be viewed at a glance. A navigation function allows for monitoring the usage frequency of consumables and assist with replacement procedures. This reduces the time for maintenance needed for the instrument and increases the operation rate. Additionally, due to the optimum system capacity, analysis method files used on existing  HPLC systems can be transferred  smoothly. It is well suited as a specialized analyzer for routine tasks such as checking synthetic materials or performing quantitative tests in accordance with pharmacopoeia.


The Nexera-i is a simple, all-in-one UHPLC system that raises the productivity of the laboratory to the maximum by reducing the time needed to develop analysis methods, and by simplifying the work needed to transfer already proven method files. Up to 1,536 samples can set up at once, so CMC related analyses that require many samples, or a wide variety of other analyses, such as dissolution tests, pharmacokinetics, and toxicant tests can be speedily accomplished, thus reducing the time needed. Moreover, the automatic shutdown functions of the i-Series has resulted in a reduction of more than 95% (compared with Shimadzu existing systems) in the power consumption of the instrument when in the standby state, contributing to reducing the environmental impact.

Download the catalog here: i-Series