MassCheck® 25-OH-Vitamin D3/D2 Serum Controls

شماره سفارش : 0221/0222/0223/0256

متد آنالیز : LC-MS/MS

پارامترها : 25-OH-vitamin D2, 25-OH-vitamin D3

نظارت بر دقت و صحت شناسایی و اندازه گیری 25OH-vitamin D3 و 25OH-vitamin D2 سرم/پلاسما در سیستم های LC-MS/MS

Method of Analysis



25-OH-vitamin D2, 25-OH-vitamin D3


Carefully remove the metal seal and rubber stopper from the vials. Add exactly 1.0 ml of distilled water into each vial. Return the stopper and incubate for 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature. Swirl the vials to dissolve the contents until homogeneity.

Storage conditions

Stored below -18 °C and unopened, the lyophilised controls are stable until the expiry date specified on the vial labels. The reconstituted controls can be stored up to 1 week light protected and tightly capped at +2 to +8 C. If the controls cannot be used within this period, they should be aliquoted and stored frozen below -18 °C (up to 3 months). For more details about storage conditions please check your instruction manual.

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