MassChrom® Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines from Dried Blood – LC-MS/MS

شماره سفارش : 55000

تست‌ های قابل اجرا با هر کیت : 960

تشخیص چندگانه در یک اجرا

گزینش پذیری و حساسیت بالا

حاوی تمامی ملزومات، معرف‌ها و ایزوتوپ‌های استاندارد

قابل ارتقاء جهت بررسی Succinylacetone

Method of Analysis


Number of Tests



Acylcarnitines & free carnitine, Amino acids

Analysis Time

< 2 min

Limit of quantification

Amino acids with SUAC: 0.5-5 µmol/l
(Acyl-)carnitines: 0.05-0.5 µmol/l


Amino acids with SUAC: 250-2500 µmol/l
(Acyl-)carnitines: 11-240 µmol/l


Amino acids with SUAC: 51-94 %; (Acyl-)carnitines: 62-89 %


Amino acids with SUAC: CV = 4-10 %
(Acyl-)carnitines: CV = 4-20 %


Amino acids with SUAC: CV = 5-9 %
(Acyl-)carnitines: CV = 8-28 %

Flow rate

20-600 µl/min


Dried blood

Pre-analytic Treatment


Take blood from the heel of the newborn onto a suitable filter card. Dry 4 hours at ambient temperature.

Time of sample drawing

48th to 72nd hour of life.

Sample Stability

At ambient temperature (+20 to 25 °C) or cooled (+2 to +8 °C) for up to 21 days. For longer storage the samples should be frozen with humidity excluded (below -18 °C). Avoid temperatures above 37 °C.

Injection Volume

10 µl

Autosampler rinsing solution

Rinsing Solution (55007)


Amino acids: Neutral Loss Scan of 102 (m/z); Acylcarnitines: Parent Ion Scan of 85 (m/z)

Additional Info

No HPLC column is required.

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