Hemoglobin Variants – HPLC

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Method of Analysis


Number of Tests



HbA, HbA1c, HbA2, HbC, HbD, HbE, HbF, HbS

Analysis Time

9 min

Limit of quantification

HbA2: 2 %
HbF: 1 %


HbA2: up to at least 75 %
HbF: up to at least 70 %


HbA2: 100 %; HbF: 99.2 %


CV < 8 %


CV < 4 %

Column temperature

ambient temperature ( ~ 25 °C)

Flow rate

1.5 ml/min


Whole blood

Sample Preparation

  • Dilute 5 to 8 µl whole blood with 1 ml Hemolysis Reagent, mix well.
  • Inject 10 to 20 µl of the hemolysis mixture into the HPLC system.

Samples prepared as above can be stored at ambient temperature for about 24 hours, at +2 to +8 °C up to 36 h, frozen below -18 °C up to 3 months.

Sample Stability

At ambient temperature approx. 3 days, at +2 to +8 °C up to 1 week and below -18 °C up to 6 months. Once thawed, samples should not be refrozen.

Injection Volume

10-20 µl

Additional Info

For the analysis of hemoglobin variants any HPLC gradient system with UV/VIS detector is suitable.


415 nm

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